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That Hometown Feel

Cary, IL is a small town located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. It is a very quiet town full of history and Nature. Long time resident Teri Plazak shares her experience living in Cary.

A Journey to Recovery

Emily Ashleman is a 21 year old woman recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. As she approaches her one year recovery anniversary, she shares her story with the hope of educating others and inspiring those who are struggling to seek help.

Helping Our Heroes

Breaking Bread Catering and Deli in Cary and Crystal Lake, IL. is collecting donations for brown bag lunches for front line heroes.

Nature Photography

I love being outside, here are some of my top nature photos!


Spending time with my friends and family, or even people I don't know is always a treat. Taking photos of them is just the sugar on top!

Still Life

Whether it's shooting random objects around my house or setting up a studio to shoot products, still lifes are always so much fun to shoot!

Graphic Design

I fell in love with graphic design in high school and I continue to enjoy typography and layouts to this day. I love to create funky pattern, logos, banners, and even T-shirt designs!